About The NAFA Film Collection

Not-the-news, just ordinary lives

The NAFA Film Collection consists of films about how people in all corners of the world live their everyday lives. The films are specially selected for you who teach or study anthropology, cultural studies, cross-cultural communications and so on or who just are interested in the worldwide variation on how people make their living and express their culture and identity.

The films are selected from those films in the NAFA archive that have the permission to be shared by NAFA members for non-commercial and educational screenings only. The films are copied from DVDs or digitized from VHS tapes or from 16 mm. The quality of the online films is accordingly. We are constantly improving the online screening service and we do our utmost to deliver the highest possible quality.

NAFA Members can log in and watch the films in full length. You may become member here: http://nafa.uib.no/?q=membership