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Earthquakes - Nepal

Alampu is a village in Dolakha district about two hundred kilometer northeast from Kathmandu. Approximately three thousand Thami people, one of the indigenous groups of Nepal, are living there. The Thami people are among the poorest and most marginalised groups in Nepal.

All the houses in Alampu are reported to be damaged and many people died due to the recent earthquakes. The situation in the village is very difficult. We at NAFA would like to support building materials and labour. Please consider helping the Thami people in Alampu.

The film ‘A Life with Slate’ by Dipesh Kharel, former Visual Cultural Studies student and NAFA member, is shot in Alampu. This film shows the slate production in the mountainside quarry of Alampu, and also how the slate is worked prior to distribution. Over ninety procent of the villagers have been involved in the slate production in Alampu. In the film we see the social relationships, co-operation between the miners, and the intimacy of the mining families. Strong women perform the tough and arduous work alongside the men. They have to carry heavy slate loads far to sell them. The film also describes the socio-cultural life of the village and its interaction with the environment. The activities of the men and women at the quarry, as well as in the village, have an almost poetic dimension.

Donations for Alampu are very welcome at the following bank account, called 'Dolakha, Nepal':

Norwegian DNB account: 12078925815

For donations from outside Norway: IBAN: NO2712078925815 and BIC: DNBANOKKXXX

Thank you!


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‘A Life with Slate’ by Dipesh Kharel, 2006 (59 minutes)

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